300 Writing Prompts

My sister gave me a book of 300 Writing Prompts. I decided to complete a few of them on my blog. Here they are…

#145: What was the first thing you ever saved up your money to purchase?
#144: What is one bad habit you would like to change?
#143: Describe a “first day” in your life.
#140: Complete this thought: “Today I hope…”
#138: Write a one-minute “Thank You” note for someone.
#135: Write about your first home: your childhood home or your first apartment or house of your own.
#130: What do you and your spouse or best friend have in common?
#128: What is a sure-fire way to distract you from the task at hand?
#121: What do the clothes you are wearing right now say about you?
#120: Which do you prefer, sunrise or sunset?
#114: Write about a beach memory.
#112: Write about the middle of something, anything!
#110: Write about an interesting date you’ve been on, good or bad.
#108: If your week had a theme, what would it be?
#106: Where do you like to do your journaling?
#102: What is your release?
#101: Write about a song and the memories or feelings it evokes in you.
#97: If you had to give your children one piece of advice, what would it be?
#95: If you could have one talent that you do not naturally have, what would it be?
#85: Write about a time you said no.
#76: When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter?
#74: How do you strive to be similar to, or different from, your parents?
#65: Write about a messy area in your home, workplace, or life.
#60: In what way are you selfish?
#59: What do you love doing that you wish you could get paid for?
#56: In what way are you strong?
#55: What do you think is the most important question in life?
#52: What traffic sign best reflects your life right now?
#50: Write about a memory you have related to a campfire.
#49: Look around you and choose an object in the room. Now write something from the point of view of that object.
#48: Why do you think some people are successful in life and others are not?
#47: Write a quick love story. The story must end badly.
#38: What are you recovering from right now?
#31: What color do you feel like today?
#30: Write about something you purchased used.
#20: You are a children’s book writer. Write the first few lines of your new book.
#19: List a few phobias you have. When and how did you discover you had these fears?
#13: What do you look forward to every week?
#11: Do you prefer taking risks or having a safety net?
#9: Name one thing you have lied to yourself about. Why did you do this?
#1: What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

What do you think?

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