The Scene Remains: A Poem (inspired by Monet’s landscape painting)

Glittering reflection shining on cool, calm waters Extending both north and south of the shore Old-fashioned avenues juxtaposed for show Jutting high into the air above √Čtretat. Three identical boats dock, though untethered Pointing toward the horizon of a new day Cellophane clouds float past in clear skies Wishing for conscious release. She peers out … Continue reading The Scene Remains: A Poem (inspired by Monet’s landscape painting)

U Better Recognize

You know how it is when you see someone you haven’t seen in weeks, months, or even years, and you recognize them, you make eye contact, and there is no recognition there. So you pretend you don’t know them either, and you keep walking. I mean, how embarrassing is it when you say someone’s name, … Continue reading U Better Recognize

Going Clubbing

Reading a book should be a visceral experience, involving all of your senses as you live vicariously through the characters, character reactions, and character motivations. If this isn’t your experience when reading a book, either the book just isn’t very good, or you’ve just seen too many movies based on books and you expect the … Continue reading Going Clubbing