Dear Journal: Feeling Gray

Dear Journal, Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like everything you do is just clouded over and worthless? And I don’t mean like being depressed, because I know how that feels too. I mean like just feeling down. I think if you have too many of those kinds of days … Continue reading Dear Journal: Feeling Gray

At Dusk

They take him at sundown In shackles and chains Face shielded from the rain As it falls down in sheets That frame his tousled hair In a requiem of sorrow Feet shuffling slow as sin Waiting to be let back in Stars rising like the tide Far above his infamy Straining to be free But … Continue reading At Dusk

The Sorry List

Don’t be sorry. Change your actions. I’m probably the sorriest person you’ll ever meet. Believe me, I say “I’m sorry” at least ten times a day, but what am I really saying? I think most times I apologize it’s for something I have absolutely no control over, so it’s an expression of sympathy rather than … Continue reading The Sorry List

Growing Apart

It’s one of the oldest let downs in the book, the theory that somehow you’ve grown apart from your mate, like you’re plants in an atrium and suddenly you need sunlight while your partner only thrives in the shade. And yet it’s one of those cliches that’s more true than it isn’t, not like those … Continue reading Growing Apart

50,000 Words

When I tell them that I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month their first question is invariably, “does that mean you are writing an entire novel in 30 days?” I don’t really know how to answer either because the answer is both yes and no. It’s yes because a novel is technically 50,000 words, and … Continue reading 50,000 Words