Baltimore Ave.

That’s it. Baltimore Ave. It was never really a destination, but it was certainly along the way. I used to ride the 34 trolley along the tracks from City Hall, or from 40th Street, all the way down the line to 58th or 60th and Baltimore Ave. every day on my way home. Home was … Continue reading Baltimore Ave.

This Endless Refrain

These storms come heavy Moody like jazz Fat drops in rhythm Pounding down steady A slash of lightning Brilliant as day But only for a moment Before thunder booms Like a pounding bass Echoing for miles Desperate to get home But lost along the way This Oklahoma swoon Shackled to night’s shadow Haunting in its … Continue reading This Endless Refrain

EDU 524

Well, I am officially a student again, 10 years after I thought I had left for good. It’s funny how the future comes full circle back into the past and then forward again. It all started (again) a few weeks ago when I realized I hadn’t done any sort of professional development for nearly 3 … Continue reading EDU 524