Christmas Like a Friday Night

“Friday night lights twinkle brighter because we see them through an idealized lens created by excessive inebriation.” It’s funny how things change when we get older. And by change I mean everything. And by older I mean past 20s. I remember thinking about Christmas like it was a Friday night. It was all hazy and … Continue reading Christmas Like a Friday Night

Flying with No Wings

She flies with no wings Lost in atmosphere Chaos magnified by order And shoved in a box Like so many unsent letters She was always meaning to send As fragile as a hummingbird In the middle of autumn Or a gentle rainfall In the turning of spring Spinning out of control She gets lost in … Continue reading Flying with No Wings

This Novel, Day 25

Sometimes in November I look up from whatever the latest novel I’m writing happens to be, and I notice that I’ve passed a milestone in the course of my writing for the day. On occasion I’ve moved past 10,000 words without thinking of it. Once in a while I’ve blasted through 25,000 words and not … Continue reading This Novel, Day 25