Two For Tuesday

“Be thankful for the small things, because the smaller they are to you the bigger they are to someone else.” ~Anonymous I never really thought about it before, but we all have agendas. Every single person has a list of things that are important to them, and tries to chart a path to achieving those … Continue reading Two For Tuesday

Since Sliced Bread

78025859I had a bagel this morning, and I realized as I was putting it into the toaster that it’s been a dog’s age since I’ve encountered a bagel that wasn’t pre-sliced. It got me to thinking about other things that have changed over the years. I remember when we used to get government cheese in a huge brick, then later on the brick was made up of already pre-sliced cheese product instead of that famous hunk. I started thinking that there must have been a cheap sale on a huge industrial sized slicer, and that’s why they made the change. It could have been something that simple, or just that NO ONE HAD THOUGHT OF IT BEFORE.

Isn’t that usually why we have innovations? I had my coffee this morning brewed up extra special by my Keurig. My mug goes right under the mechanism and, voila!, the machine brews up exactly one cup’s worth, with nothing left over that might end up being wasted. How many years did we have “old school” coffeemakers that brewed whole pots that were supposed to last us all day, but instead got old and stale? Someone finally figured out how to make it more convenient for us, and to help us have the best single cup of coffee we could have. I can’t believe no one had thought of it before.

keurig-special-edition-brewing-system-02Pretty much everything we have these days is an innovation of some sort. There is nothing new under the sun, so we create products and industries based off of existing products and services, but aimed at making them more convenient or adjusting them in some way to help us be more efficient. I remember when I was in elementary school sometimes my pencil would get dull and not write well, and instead of getting up to use the crank handled pencil sharpener in the front of the room I would “smudge” the paper on my desk with it, sliding it back and forth at a slight angle until it sharpened itself. No one taught me how to do it. I just figured it out because it made sense. Maybe that’s the key to innovation. It has to make sense.

So, about that sliced bread…

Before 1928 it was incredibly difficult to find sliced bread. Indeed, until a machine was created that year to mass produce loaves of sliced bread most people only ate hunks of bread they were able to tear off themselves, or they sliced the loaf one piece at a time. It was a tedious process, so people of the day would simply eat whatever hunk or individual slice they were able to cut off. But the invention of the bread slicer created entire new categories. Because of the uniformity of each slice people began making sandwiches. Now you can see an entire aisle in the grocery store dedicated to sandwich innards (condiments and such). Crazy how one innovation can do something like that. Maybe that’s why sliced bread is the standard by which all other innovations are measured, food or not.

So what are my favorite innovations since sliced bread, you ask? Continue reading “Since Sliced Bread”

Living With Women

I’ve lived with women for 37 out of my 38 years of life, except for the two years of boarding school, and everybody knows that they don’t count. From the moment I could look up and recognize my surroundings my life has been filled with women, for better and for worse. Life would have been … Continue reading Living With Women