And You Are…?

We meet in crowded spaces, in off track places, in shadowed halls between sturdy walls. We see each other across rooms, through windows, across streets, and through doorways. Sometimes we are attracted to the strangers we see, and other times they might as well be invisible. But one thing is true: we meet (even in … Continue reading And You Are…?

Kid A

In this age of immediacy, we crave constant feedback. We send a text message, then we stare at our phones, readily expecting them to vibrate, to ding, to acknowledge a response of some sort from the person we swear must be on the other end of the tenuous connection. We post a tweet, then we … Continue reading Kid A

Standing Still

“Stand still with me.” Someone once said that the only thing constant is change, which makes absolute sense. We are born, and from that moment we shift, we grow, we change, from day to day, from year to year, and for the rest of our lives. We encounter others who are also growing and changing, … Continue reading Standing Still

Decision Point #2

I always second guess my decisions. It doesn’t matter how simple they are, or how stress free they should be, or would be for others, I somehow find myself grappling with them long after the outcome is already set in stone. There’s just something about the alternatives that are fascinating to me, the idea that … Continue reading Decision Point #2