That Nintendo Magic

I’m facing off against a giant turtle, like something from the Galapagos, but with a studded back that can kill me. It shoots lasers of flame from its open maw and grunts on occasion. Yeah, I should have absolutely no chance against it, but I’m determined to defeat this hybrid beast, even if it means … Continue reading That Nintendo Magic

The 90’s

“Baby, let me show you how to do this. You’ve got to move this. You’re doing fine. Ain’t nothing to it. You gotta move this. Come on and move this. Shake that body for me.” ~Technotronic (“Move This”). I love the 90s. There’s just something so… treacly sweet about a decade that honestly didn’t know … Continue reading The 90’s


Every day I return to this place, and I exhale as I round the final curve and drive down the hill. I crane my head to the left to catch my first glimpse of our house, lonely out there in the field, waiting for us to move in. But there is still time remaining to … Continue reading Home


“Oh, all the promises we broke. All the meaningless and empty words I spoke…” ~The Cranberries. It’s easy to make promises. The part where we have to actually keep them, though… that’s a bit trickier. Time was when a promise was an unbreakable oath, said only under the most reverential of circumstances. Back when I … Continue reading Promises