A Friday Love

I want a Friday love So slow and easy Honey smooth Such sweet emotion Poured out Spilling over This Friday love Like a postcard Neatly tucked away Waiting for tomorrow Dreaming in color Just for a moment A circumstantial pause Right after midnight In this afterglow This sweet release An unfettered joy Bathed in light … Continue reading A Friday Love

My Refined Palate

I’ve always been a picky eater, and of course on top of the reality of being a lifelong vegetarian, that creates a few issues for me when it comes to food. Sometimes I find myself out with others and unwilling to eat whatever fare is presented to us. It has happened a few times, and … Continue reading My Refined Palate

People Change

“Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them.” ~Marcel Proust I looked at her today as if for the first time. She’s wearing the shirt I bought for her the summer before last. When I bought it she was swimming in it, even though it was a child’s small. … Continue reading People Change

Handy Man

Handy man, I am not. Today I found out just how unhandy (word?) I can be when it comes to trying to fix the proverbial “stuff.” I never learn, I guess. It all started when I was copying last weekend’s Eagles’ game to DVD and the recorder just died on me. One minute it was … Continue reading Handy Man