300 Writing Prompts: #56

“In what way are you strong?”

When I take time to think about things I am mentally strong. That’s why it’s so frustrating when I don’t take that time, even though I know I should. If I can analyze things from many different sides it’s easy to come to a conclusion that I don’t doubt and second-guess myself about. Patience is not one of my strengths, though, and they go hand in hand.

I’m strong at memory skills, making connections based on past interactions, recalling names and places quickly and efficiently. Of course for some reason as I’ve gotten older it’s become less of a speedy recall for me, and it’s a point of pride. So I’m working on ways to keep my memory as strong as it can be. That’s the thing about getting older, isn’t it? Sometimes our skills lessen, even the ones we pride ourselves on the most. It’s tough to admit it to ourselves and make adjustments for it.

Another strength is doing impressions. Usually I can mimic something or someone after hearing them talk for a few minutes. This goes for people on TV as well as folks I’ve just met in real life. It also transfers to singing as well. For instance, I can sing Phil Collins songs just like him. Sometimes I get so much into character that I forget how to talk like myself! I used to only perform the impressions in the privacy of my own room when I was younger but I like to pull them out in public now. Either I am prouder of them or I just have no filter anymore.

And lastly I’m strong at writing. I know it seems like a simple thing when I write this blog every day, but it’s something I don’t take for granted anymore. I’ve seen enough people who make a living at writing who just aren’t any good at creating a straightforward  narrative. I don’t take anything for granted anymore, much less talents I know I have for a reason. That’s why I finally got off my butt and started publishing my work, and the same reason I write every day on this blog. Maybe to others it’s a small thing but to me it is the world.

Now if I could only be emotionally strong. Still working on that one.



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