This is Heavy

So, I met Michael J. Fox this weekend. To put that into perspective, I’ll have to take you back to 1988, when I saw Back to the Future for the first time. From the start of the film, the soaring orchestral arrangement, the feel of the 1980’s, the cluttered cacophony of objects in Doc Brown’s … Continue reading This is Heavy

july 21

Why do I keep letting this date hypnotize me? It’s been so long, but I can’t just let it pass by without remembering. You know how it is, how some dates are just seared into your brain? How some dates just have an emotional relevance, even if the emotions they relate to have passed into … Continue reading july 21

hit (and run)

Wow. I am still trying to process what I just saw. I was pulled up at an intersection, waiting my turn… to turn… when two cars turned from the merge lane, one behind the other. Apparently the guy in the rear vehicle wasn’t pleased with the slow turn of the guy in front of him, … Continue reading hit (and run)

cotton candy girl

“You have a visitor,” the candy stripe girl said. Her nametag told Dale that her name was Candy, which seemed somehow fitting. He nodded to her, a gesture to open the door, which she did, before sliding out after the person who was outside entered. Dale immediately wished he had gotten Candy to vet the … Continue reading cotton candy girl

digging in the dirt

Will this ever be over? I guess, on some level, it has to end, right? At least common sense tells me so. The Spanish Flu ended. The yellow fever epidemic ended. Pretty much every other epidemic/pandemic/etc. has ended. Well, unless you call cancer an epidemic, which I think you could. It affects so many people … Continue reading digging in the dirt