I Don’t Like “Purple Rain.”

“November Rain,” “Let It Rain,” “Here Comes the Rain Again,” “I Can’t Stand the Rain”… all songs about rain that I like better than “Purple Rain.” In fact, I’ve kind of always found that song a bit too slow and languorous for my liking. I generally skip it when I listen to my endless collection … Continue reading I Don’t Like “Purple Rain.”


“You look lost.” “I do?” “Where you headed?” “Well, I was just about to figure that out.” I remember in that movie Cast Away, at the end when Tom Hanks’ character should be happy because he has escaped the island, but he’s not because the woman of his dreams has made her choice, and he … Continue reading Crossroads

Like Dido Said.

“I apologize that once again I’m not in love, but it’s not as if I mind that your heart ain’t exactly breaking. It’s just a thought, only a thought.” ~Dido What is being in love? Is it the butterflies you get when you first meet “the one?” Is it the disconnect between heart and mind that raises one up … Continue reading Like Dido Said.

Boarders, Volume 9

“Oh the leaves they fall. They go so far sometimes. Do I blame the wind or the tree that let you go, or do I wave goodbye, settling?” ~Tara McLean Settling: adopting a more steady or secure style of life. I used to think of settling as this process that happened once a house had … Continue reading Boarders, Volume 9