Dear Journal: In Time

“The rich declare themselves poor, and most of us are not sure if we have too much. But we’ll take our chances ’cause God stopped keeping score…” ~George Michael Dear Journal, It’s a definite, I guess. In time all things change, even the things I used to see as inflexible. Change doesn’t have to be … Continue reading Dear Journal: In Time

Building Blocks

I rode a bicycle when I was younger. It was a Huffy, and I remember struggling to get it out of the box. I remember my uncle helping me set it up so that it looked like a real bike, and putting me upright on it. I remember sitting on the seat and imagining I … Continue reading Building Blocks


These words are not mine Even though they pass my lips Like sparkling lemon water Making me thirst for more The undulating rhythms Of living language thrive They constantly vibrate But I study them from afar These turns of phrase This quickening of terms Shaking me to my core They say such sweet things But … Continue reading Words

When a Friendship Ends

“When a friendship ends, people don’t always give it the same amount of thought that they do relationships. With an ex-boyfriend, there are discussions of bad timing or different expectations. But most of the time, friendships end in a different way — slowly, and without declaration. Usually people don’t really notice until a friend has … Continue reading When a Friendship Ends