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Target is like an entirely different world unto itself. It’s like when I step in the door, no matter how I was feeling, or whether someone cut me off to get in the parking lot, or whatever else negative happened, I am transformed. Now, I’m not saying it’s an all positive experience, but I will explain the change.

First, I am automatically seen as the expert in perishables (I know. It’s a tough word to say) so if anyone has any questions about it, they ask me. You want to know why we won’t carry BaNilla yogurt, I can let you know. You want to know what type of beef is on sale this week and why, I can tell you that too. I can even adjust prices accordingly for whatever needs to sell, or when freshness dates are coming up soon. I have the power to throw out whatever I deem to be poor quality without asking anyone for a second opinion. And, to top it all off, I am the one person in the store entrusted with the responsibility (unless I’m not there) of ordering all produce and meat for the store. That’s massive. That makes me feel respected and valued.

Secondly, there is an amazing camaraderie there. Everyone’s part of the team, and the team works together always. It doesn’t matter where we come from, what we look like, or what our particular tasks are, we come together when it matters and we work as a cohesive unit. Take today, for example. Target is unveiling the Neiman Marcus collection this weekend, and we had all these boxes to open, catalog, and get readied for the opening of the collection. So, every salesfloor team member, and every member of the store leadership team, converged on the backroom, and for half an hour we worked it out as a collective. It was amazing to watch people who had only moments before been involved in a myriad of disparate tasks come together and get something wonderful done.

And the amazing thing that goes along with what I just said is that there is always something new going on. Even in a world where there are routines to be followed, there is a random nature in serving the community. People looking for flashlights on the verge of a superstorm they’re worried about, strangers wanting the same iPad, 3G from Verizon, daughters leading their fathers to the Tinker Bell dolls and accessories to buy them for Christmas, it is all part of the whole. It’s all part of why I enjoy living in that world for eight hours a day.

Oh, and today, I also sold a turkey to a woman who only came in for bread. Yeah, I’m that good.


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