300 Writing Prompts: #106

journalus“Where do you like to do your journaling? At a desk, in your bed, at the coffee shop?”

I usually can’t stand nature, so the answer to this question will never be, “in my backyard,” “on the nature trail,” or “out by the lake.” And I’ve journaled in bed before, a few times, back when I was using an actual journal book and writing with a real pen. A few times I’ve brought my laptop or phone into bed and journaled there. I’ve even journaled at work on my break, with my headphones on, my thumbs working feverishly to get the ideas down before they vanished.

I guess I like sitting in my spot on the couch best, with my lapdesk and my laptop, and typing out my thoughts for anyone and everyone to read. Because, of course, my journal is out here, so maybe that makes it a bit different from a normal journal. In this day and age I’m not even sure what really constitutes different, but I am sure that my brand of journaling works for me in a way that traditional journals never really did.

If I’m being totally honest, I can pretty much journal from anywhere though. Usually the place I’m in doesn’t really affect the nature of the entry, but sometimes it does. Like the time I was in the car coming back from a hilarious wedding and I had to whip out my phone and journal right there and then, like a chronicling of all the crazy goings on before they disappeared from my head. Or the time I had somewhere else to be, but I ran across a man pushing a shopping cart across the street and he inspired me.

I’ve rarely journaled from a coffee shop, though, to get back to the question. I’ve done it a few times, but usually I’m way too busy people-watching to get down really coherent thoughts when I’m in there. And when I journal from bed it’s usually late at night and I’m tired so my flow is affected (sometimes in positive ways, sometimes not). And desks are for writing on real paper with a pen. I haven’t typed out anything journal-related at a desk in years.

But I think that’s all going to change when we build our new house. I’m going to finally have a study where I’ll have a desk that will be specially designated as my journaling area. I’ll also have a comfortable chair in there where I can sit down and journal while looking out the window too. It’s okay to look at nature while in the comfort of my air-conditioned study. Isn’t it? Some call it the best of both worlds (without the flies).


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