Tough Parenting

3 thoughts on “Tough Parenting”

  1. You? Sarcastic?

    I can only imagine how hard being a parent is. I know you’re doing a great job. It’s good you see your mom tried her best, too. The world is different now than when we were kids. I think that’s the challenge parents face – we know what did and didn’t work with the way our parents trained us, but the world has already moved on by the time we get to teaching our own kids. I have no idea how I’ll approach cell phones etc. with my kids someday. I’d like to say “Hell no — I didn’t get one until I was 16!” But I know that won’t go over well.

    1. I know. It’s a shocker that I can be sarcastic. I’m working on that. Thanks for what you said about me doing a great job. Some days it’s a bit easier to believe that than others. I just hope my children can see that, that they will see it later with perspective as well. This world is definitely far different from the one I inhabited as a child and young adult, but instilling strong values and a sense of individual personality shouldn’t change.

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