Noah’s Ark

They came two by two, and seven by seven. No one led them, but they came anyway. Strike that. They were led by God’s invisible hand. Something like that anyway. The animals came in evens if they were unclean, and odds if they were clean. Whatever that means. Okay, I’m starting to lose the thread, … Continue reading Noah’s Ark

Dear Journal: Unsettled

Dear Journal, This seems like some sort of turning point, like if things don’t break right they’ll just break. I don’t even know why I’m telling you this except I guess I just feel… unsettled. It doesn’t help that we live here, or that the three jobs I have aren’t enough to cover expenses. At … Continue reading Dear Journal: Unsettled

The Longer Stories

33,043. That’s the word count on the novel I’m currently writing. It’s crazy how word counts have so much meaning for me now, and they meant absolutely nothing to me before I published my first book. On this side of the looking glass things are much different than they were from the other side. I’m … Continue reading The Longer Stories

The “New Black”

“The now-cool-for-black-people list: skateboarding, listening to rock music, wearing clothes that fit, being the token black guy.” ~Anonymous I went to a Dave Matthews Band concert once. It seems like ages ago now. It was back in the time when I was hyper aware of race (when am I not?) and I kept looking around … Continue reading The “New Black”

Fathering the Nest

When I first found out I was going to be a father I had a ton of questions. Unlike motherhood, impending fatherhood doesn’t come with a training manual (or a dozen), so it’s easier to freak out for incoming fathers. I know I freaked out, but after the initial daze that came with getting the … Continue reading Fathering the Nest


These beams are exposed Far up in the atmosphere Weathered by the weather Stretching up to heaven Like these arms of mine Empty of consequence Beseeching the clouds For a kind of understanding Lost in the silence Belonging to these shadows This substantial love Naked as a newborn child Learning how to exist In a … Continue reading Exposed