“What is this? ’80s music day?” “Actually, it’s 1989, all day baby!” “Well, I lived through this music once. Why are you forcing me to do it again?” This was a conversation this morning between me and my wife, who tends to like her own combination of music regardless of decade or individual years, while … Continue reading 1989


The place used to be a warehouse. That much is clear. With its exposed beams and flaking brick interior it almost could have come straight out of a book by Charles Dickens. But it isn’t sitting there unused and abandoned. Instead there is a line outside full of couples leaning against its side, chatting and … Continue reading @Honey’s

Subtly Feathered

Love is complicated An intricate thing Subtly feathered Taking to the air Like a hurricane Before it explodes Love is emotional A conflagration On the verge of igniting In reds and blues At the boiling point Then spilling over Love is contradictory An exercise in pain Wrapped in velvet Sealed with a kiss Just like … Continue reading Subtly Feathered

Dressed in Black

I remember the oddest things sometimes. A woman wearing all black came through my cashier line at Target yesterday, and she was purchasing another all-black outfit, so of course I had to comment on her clothing choice… Me: That color brings out your eyes. All-Black Girl: It is pretty easy to accessorize in the mornings. … Continue reading Dressed in Black