Boarders, Volume 11

“I will not rest ’til I lay down my head. I’m gonna go — in the house of stone and light. I shall not cry for the blind man I leave behind, when I go — in the house of stone and light.” ~Martin Page As I watch the very real progress on our house … Continue reading Boarders, Volume 11

10 Ways From Sunday

There’s a thin line between wanting your children to be safely quarantined against the harsh world and wanting them to be prepared to hold their own in a landscape that is shifting, and increasingly for the worse. Someone said “MF’er” in front of my children the other day, and I wanted to slap her 10 … Continue reading 10 Ways From Sunday

50,171 Words

Writing a book is like raising a child. Both require care in order to grow and flourish. Both are labors of love that are rewarded by tangible results in the end. Each book I finish becomes one more child who has grown up and is now out there in the world on its own, making … Continue reading 50,171 Words