Labor Day Present

My mother’s mother was in labor on Labor Day, an ironic coincidence if I’ve ever seen one. I never met my mother’s mother, but I hear she was a fascinating woman. It’s rare, of course, that my mother’s birthday actually falls on a Labor Day, since it’s one of those shifting holidays, but it’s still … Continue reading Labor Day Present

Memories From Home

philadelphia_skylineThis city has always held a fascination for me, a kind of pull that comes from being the place of my birth.

Indeed, I recall the day of my nephew’s introduction to this world in vivid detail. It was raining, and I was surprised my sister let me into the room. And I remember my graduation day like it was yesterday, when I was almost late because I had to take the bus in my graduation gown.

And I think back on Friday nights hanging out on South Street with Anthony and Ken, two other inquisitive souls who will always share with me those nights spent wandering. It is all still so clear to me, although it has been fifteen years since I’ve lived here. Continue reading “Memories From Home”

Because I Said So

What a smart guy!

I dreaded those four words. Separately they weren’t so bad. I could adjust to them if they were attached to other words, but when they were put together, back to back, they inspired a sense of helplessness, of uncertainty, and mostly of frustration. And, ironically, I heard them more often than not the older I got, whenever I asked my mother a question. Because I said so.

You’ve heard it before. You’ve probably even used it before. Believe me, I have. But have you ever really stopped and wondered why parents tend to rely on this classic gem when answering their children’s fervent questions?

“Mom, how come I have to take my shoes off in the house?” Continue reading “Because I Said So”

To List is Human

People now feel time accelerating. Lists allow them to feel some sense of accomplishment.” – David Viscott

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love lists. Love love love them. I think it’s something about being able to categorize items, no matter what they are. It places them in nice neat little boxes that I can package up and place nice bows on. That’s also why I’m such a playlist fanatic, figuring out exactly where to place each song for maximum effect. It’s why I created a Top 5 on Fridays. And it’s why I downloaded the ColorNote app for my phone (believe me, I color-code just about everything). Even Most Wanted lists are interesting. Check them out at your local post office. But what makes a good list? Continue reading “To List is Human”

Welcome to Holland Patent: My Photographic Journey

It’s funny how we can pass a particular place all the time but not really think of it as somewhere to BE, only thinking of it as a means to get somewhere else. Then, one day, we realize that people actually live and work there, that this place is to them what our village is to us, a source of sustenance, of community pride, and of history. One such place for me was Holland Patent, New York, population 464. I had passed by the village numerous times on my way to bigger and better things, until today, when I stopped and took a personal walking tour of Holland Patent… with my camera. So, come along with me to explore this lovely place.

More than a village. This sign adorns the north corner of the school.

Continue reading “Welcome to Holland Patent: My Photographic Journey”