The Devil’s Night

Apparently the Devil has one night out of the entire year when he can run rampant across the earth, and it just so happens to be the same night little kids are out in droves begging people for candy they didn’t earn, and the same night where teens are blasting each other with shaving cream … Continue reading The Devil’s Night


This is devastation Dressed up in gaiety Taken by surprise In its darkest hour And left to decay Trivial as it seems Life masquerading On a layered stage Caught in the spotlight That accentuates lines Carved into features Long caricatured These rictus stares Frozen in canned laughter Or a chance at redemption A connection between … Continue reading Stigma

Boarders, Volume 5

I went to the DMV last week to finally get the title to my car changed, and they gave me a routine form to fill out. As I went down the list I scribbled in each entry, until I got to “Home Address.” I started to write in “7478 East Street” as a matter of … Continue reading Boarders, Volume 5

Perfect Skin

“If I feel this feeling, will you crawl out of your perfect skin and climb into mine?” ~Black Lab There was just something about the rain that captivated her, that steady drumming on the tin roof of the little house, the water occasionally finding imperceptible holes, forcing its way inside. She could sit in the … Continue reading Perfect Skin