A Constant Thinker

There are a million possibilities out there, a million ways to do things, a million reasons for living, a million photographs that I might find fascinating, a million people I have yet to meet. If I stood for a moment and tried to process all the information coming at me every single day, all the … Continue reading A Constant Thinker

Lost in Plain Sight

I got lost today, even though I left early enough, I thought, for that not to be an issue. I should have known better. I had been to the campus before, albeit 12 years ago, for exactly one day, so it shouldn’t have happened. In my own mind I still have a photographic memory, but … Continue reading Lost in Plain Sight

A Silent Prayer

A silent prayer Thoughtfully applied Yet condescending In its attitude Tearful in solitude And full of pity This sweet salvation Attuned melancholy Wistful in its keening Yet serving purpose On bended knee Eyes turned inward Like spinning plates This delicate balance Light across lips Tender in supplication To a supplicant god Who cannot hear. Sam Continue reading A Silent Prayer

Searching For That Freshly Pressed Formula

As far as I can tell, a Freshly Pressed post has one or more of the following: current events arguments unique takes on celebrity stunning photographs food recipes political satire social commentary religious relevance highly stylized writing extensive research reference to classical literature But mostly they’re a startling mix of past and present, some future … Continue reading Searching For That Freshly Pressed Formula