Playlist of My Week

If my week were a playlist here’s how it would have sounded… 1. Cellophane – Sia “Look at me. I’m such a basket case, delivered to you wrapped in cellophane, waiting on your doorstep every day.” 2. Perfect Memory – Remy Zero “Remember how they tried to hold you down and we climbed those towers, … Continue reading Playlist of My Week


Light-skinned hues Such masquerading Multi-faceted lies And straightened hair Slaves to a culture They should despise This dark slides light Leaving shadows Such soul depressions In filthy lines Waiting for change A tacit acceptance The status quo Shifting in sand Bleached out and drying These solid ghosts Trying to blend in While the world shifts … Continue reading Passing

Complicated, Part 3

“Every battle worth remembering isn’t one where victory was assured before the combatants even fought. It is instead the one where every small advantage was of the utmost importance, and where heart won out over sheer force.” ~Theodicus Fragmented. I guess that’s how I feel most of the time, like I’m being dragged one way … Continue reading Complicated, Part 3

@ Bank America

The bank teller looked at me over eyelashes thick with mascara, a look that I usually find tacky but on her it worked. “What can I do for you?” she asked me in a genteel tone, and in that moment I fell in love. Not the lightning strike kind of love, or even the love … Continue reading @ Bank America

Groundhog Day

You know the tradition. It’s Punxsutawney’s sole claim to fame. For just one day every February people from all over gather at Gobbler’s Knob to celebrate the town’s most prestigious citizen: Phil. The groundhog. Now, absolutely no one would know what a groundhog even looked like if it wasn’t for this time-honored tradition. Yes indeed, … Continue reading Groundhog Day