Three Days in May

May-2015-Calendar-I’ll be the first to tell you that procrastination can be a very bad habit, but sometimes it’s necessary. Like right now.

For the past three days I keep telling myself I need to throw myself headlong into my prior writing project, the book I’ve decided will be my next published work, but I can’t get myself to do that. I keep finding other things to do that end up delaying what I know I want.

So why am I procrastinating? Maybe it’s because I have to breathe after I finished the first draft of another novel. Perhaps I’m just still hung up in that world, and I need to let it to, “grieve it” in a way, because it’s gone, and I need to pay it its proper respect before moving past it.

Or those are just excuses, and I’m second-guessing myself again. I think I’ve become so invested in the tale I just finished so I’m moping about not publishing it right now, but I know better. First drafts are first drafts for a reason, and when I’m ready to edit the hell out of it then I’ll edit the hell out of it and it will get better. But I’m not ready for that now, and that means I’ll have to let it rest for a while, to breathe on its own while I tackle other projects, most notably the book that is ready to be dug into and turned into a masterpiece.

It’s all about timing, and I realize I’ve been writing one book or another since August. That’s a long time to be working on larger pieces without really any break. At least for me it is. Until five years ago I had never even written a piece longer than 30,000 words, so it’s all still incredibly new to me. Maybe I just need to take a few days and just blog, and just write these smaller pieces that may very well grow later into something larger, or that might just remain small. Short stories were my first love, after all.

I just know that when I’m ready my mind will know it, I’ll be able to get out that manuscript, and the editing process will begin. There’s still a date in my mind for a July release, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make that a reality, but I’m not going to stress over three days in May when I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead I’m going to enjoy myself and cleanse my writing palette, as it were.

Then watch out because I’m going to dig into that novel, and you will be seeing it in stores come July.



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  1. I have the same wish about writing a book, but except for a few blogs here and there, I never get myself to doing it. Anyway, my sister said, “What, you’re going to write about your life?” ( Who’d want to read it? I’ve always treaded the safe road, not much adventure, except the adventures within).

    1. You should challenge yourself to do it because you’d be surprised the number of people who would definitely want to read your thoughts about your life! Besides, it’s good just to go through the process for yourself. I’ve learned so much about myself having this blog!

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