Two For Tuesday

blacktuesdayI just came from a school concert where my daughter belted out some interesting songs just as loudly as all the other third graders, and that is quite the accomplishment because that wasn’t always the case. For some reason the rambunctious rapscallion who calls me daddy somehow transformed into a little mouse when on the public stage. I guess you could call it stage fright, but whatever it was it definitely translated into meekness when in front of a large audience. Not anymore. And I am ecstatic because that means she’s not as self-conscious around others. Step one complete.

Now step two is a bit of a longer process, but it’s okay if she’s never as comfortable in front of an audience as her old man is. I just want her to feel good about being herself, no matter who else is around, and I think I was right around her age when that finally happened for me. It was really just me saying, “What’s the worst that can happen?” and putting it all out there. I saw quite a bit of that tonight from Lexi, and it made my heart full to bursting.

Speaking of things that warm my heart, it’s time for a little Two For Tuesday, where I give thanks for two things that made an impression on me in that given week. Funnily enough more than two special things happened this week that make me smile, but here’s two of them:

1. I’m grateful for timely friends. You know how it is when you’re feeling down and a friend sends you a text out of the blue that just says, “It’s all good.” Even if it’s not all good, just getting that message makes you want to look on the bright side. That’s just what happened this week when I was feeling down, and I can’t say how much I appreciate my friends for knowing those times I need them most.

2. I’m grateful for time with my wife. It’s easy to have what I refer to as “shallow” time, where we just sit here and watch something together, occasionally sharing an anecdote or laugh, but it’s harder to grab hold and change that shallow time into “deep” time. But for the past week we have set aside some deep time every single day, time where we turn off the screen, hold hands, and talk openly about whatever is on our minds. It has reminded me all over again about why I’m so in love with my wife, because I can talk to her about anything and I know she listens and is there for me.

What holds it all together for me is time, I guess you could say. It’s so true that we make time for what’s important to us, and it works both ways. If someone isn’t making time for you then maybe you’re not as important to them as you thought you were. I say don’t waste time on people who won’t make time for you, and appreciate those who want to spend their precious time with you.



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