Learning to Speak

2 thoughts on “Learning to Speak”

  1. It is definitely a challenge for some to speak up, and a challenge for some to know when not to speak up. Finding a balance is key, but you won’t find it until you stand up and say what you need to say. You have to start somewhere. If you have a problem with your service at a store or resturant, make it a point in that moment to tell them what’s on your mind. Why are you unsatisfied? Explain what happened, and how you feel. Then the ball is in the other person’s court. If it helps, try giving someone positive feedback in a situation you would normally never think twice about saying anything. An example would be receiving good service somewhere. It doesn’t have to be exceptional service, just a positive experience. Breaking bad news is not always easy, but it’s a skill that is good to have. One day you might find yourself with your only method of communication is your voice. Good luck! Don’t forget to come back here and use those gifted skills of writing to let us know about your Speaking Up experiences.

    1. You make a compelling point (or five) and it’s spectacular to hear from you again, but it’s just so hard not to say what I think people want to hear. It doesn’t help that I’m a good writer because that becomes a crutch I’ve leaned on for too long in situations when I need to speak up. I’m working on speaking more and you can be sure I’ll be back here to share my results!

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