Learning to Speak

I’m outgoing, or at least I’d like to think I am. I can play the role well enough, anyway, the title character in a multi-act play that is set to run for eons off-Broadway. And I guess that’s all I could ask for before. But now… now I feel like I’ve simply been grandstanding, pretending … Continue reading Learning to Speak

The Quiet Ones

The serial killer’s neighbors always say, “he seemed like such a quiet guy.” Yeah, he was quiet because he didn’t want anyone noticing that he was taking bodies back to his house in the dead of night and burying them in the backyard. The neighbors never say he was a disturbance, that he ever made … Continue reading The Quiet Ones

Smoke & Ash

The coals glow candy apple red Sparkling with a feisty inner fire A carpet as if finally unfurled Waiting for a resurrection He stands at the smoky margin His feet, scabbed and blistered From those multitudinous trials Seeking partial salvation They join this dancing cacophony On the edge of something beautiful As the man ahead … Continue reading Smoke & Ash