The Modern Machine

They slave hand over hand Pushing and pulling to survive In the oppressive heat And demanding consequence Falling to get up again This repetitive struggle Against the sadistic clock Fighting to come out ahead But failing at the bell When each one returns soiled Like soot stains on a shirt This badge of relevance Giving … Continue reading The Modern Machine

Black Republican

“I feel like a Black Republican. Money, I got comin’ in. Can’t turn my back on the hood. I got love for them. Can’t clean my act up for good, too much thug in ’em.” ~Nas I would have been a member of the Young Republicans if I thought about politics at all when I … Continue reading Black Republican

The Anti-Neighbor

I’ve never been a “neighbor” kind of person. You know the type. They’re the ones who organize the block parties, the neighborhood watch groups, the car pool assignments, and the street cleaning team. I’ve always been the guy who waves “hi” when coming and going, who cleans up his own yard, and who has conversations … Continue reading The Anti-Neighbor

Seeing Orange

I went to a college where everything was draped in orange, from the buildings themselves, to the attire in the school store, down to the lanyards and the cushions for fans to sit on at the football games. I’m surprised the beer at the bars near campus wasn’t all orange as well. That’s how much … Continue reading Seeing Orange