My sneakers are in the basement, sharing space with the hot water heater, the washing machine, and a pair of litter boxes that may or not smell at the moment, depending on what type of litter was put in them the last time they were changed. So why are my sneakers down there with such … Continue reading Careworn


“The fence needs to be repainted,” she says, to no one in particular. I happen to be around, but I know she can’t possibly be talking to me. I don’t do painting. “It’s a week long job,” she continues, and I stare back at her, defiance in my glare, yet still silent. “Because, you know, … Continue reading Painting

These Ghosts

Why is it that some people stick around long after they’re gone? How do I find myself wasting my time thinking of them when they’re obviously not thinking of me? And I know they’re gone. I know they’re not coming back. I know all of that, but I still can’t help thinking — wishing — … Continue reading These Ghosts

Send Me To Heaven

What will they do next? Apparently some genius decided to create an app for smartphones that demands users throw their phones as high into the air as they possibly can. The app monitors the height the phone reaches, and compares it with the height of others around the world who are also using the app. … Continue reading Send Me To Heaven

Friend Requests

In this age of Facebook it’s all about numbers. Who has the most “friends?” How many friends are mutual between you and somebody else — and anybody else? How many likes do your friends have on their posts? And my favorite — how many friend requests are pending, how long have they been in stasis, … Continue reading Friend Requests

In the Shadows

“Happiness lies in your own hand. It took me much too long to understand how it could be… until you shared your secret with me.” ~Madonna A secret is a complicated thing. We spend so much of our time guarding others from things that might hurt them that we don’t even realize we’re keeping secrets … Continue reading In the Shadows