Send Me To Heaven

downloadWhat will they do next? Apparently some genius decided to create an app for smartphones that demands users throw their phones as high into the air as they possibly can. The app monitors the height the phone reaches, and compares it with the height of others around the world who are also using the app. It’s called “Send Me To Heaven.” The only problem is that it supposes you can, once the phone has been chucked as high as you can chuck it, still pluck it from midair even at velocity. Uh…

Needless to say, the brainiacs who downloaded this app aren’t coordinated enough to catch their phone before it smashes to the ground below. And they’re pissed that their phones are being destroyed in the process. Here are some actual reviews of the product:

“Have breaked my phone… Bought 10 useless phns to enjoy this crazy app.”

“I broke my phone to be the leader for a day, but since my battery popped out it didn’t save my score. On the other hand, it makes it more of a challenge to have to catch it. Deleted because I need my phone and the temptation to try again was too great.”

“My last game with this phone. It WAS my new moto G3.”

“If there was an option to give a 10/10 I would! Only problem I’ve had so far was on my 14th throw. I threw it so high that I lost it in the sun… When it came back down it hot my head and knocked me out for a solid 10 minutes. In that time someone stole my shoes, but I beat my previous record so it was totally worth it.”

And my personal favorite:

“gr8 app, if u want to break ur fone.”

The person who posted that one admitted to breaking a really expensive phone AND the first app they downloaded on their new, even more expensive phone, was — guess what? — this same damn app. I just don’t understand it. Maybe human beings truly are gluttons for punishment. I guess I can understand if you have a waterproof phone and you toss is high above a pool, but otherwise I just don’t get it.

Perhaps it’s for adrenaline junkies. Nah, I’ve never been one. Definitely not on my download list. I guess my phone will be staying down here in hell.


What do you think?

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