Fight or Flight

I used to always run away. When things got tough, I got going… until I was far enough away that the situation looked like speck in the distance. It was easy too. In fact, I often used to say that the easiest thing to do was to pretend nothing happened, to get either physically or … Continue reading Fight or Flight

Well… F#*k

I said the F word in class the other day,  because a story I read to my students utilized it. It wasn’t just there as decoration, as I often see it, not merely masquerading as an adjective when another word would have been more appropriate. It was an exclamation of sheer despondence. And that’s just … Continue reading Well… F#*k

Saving Daylight

The sun disappears too soon Fading beyond the frayed horizon But the stars don’t want to play Locked into a self-imposed jail Hiding beneath this dark canopy Of undeveloped sky While the moon sits high Looking down on a humanity It can’t help imitating In its competitive stance In this unrepentant dance Between fractured souls … Continue reading Saving Daylight