Shades and Pastels

The unraveling of fabric
Inconsequential at best
Sliding across the cold floor
Wishing for a connection
An ephemeral consequence
Born of needle and thread
And a frantic desire to please

I stand in dark shadows
Facing the incoming dawn
With a transcendental gaze
Transfixed by the thought of you
This possibility born of chance
And a need for acceptance
Caught up in cotton and lace

These pins and needles catch
Rending the fabric in two
A dichotomy of experience
Dipped in shades and pastels
Astounding in its simplicity
Yet still complex to the eye
As they settle into assignation

And there on the cold, hard floor
I pick myself up from the dust
From the remnants of faded love
Leaving the dull fabric behind
Shedding it like a second skin
To settle and then disappear
On the whims of twilight

Stitched together with scars.


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