Cool air ruffles my collar Shifts it into disarray Takes a measure, then waits For the oncoming rain Just another comeuppance In this long, restless night As the clock tick tocks Blending with the noises That are driving me insane Even though it’s silent Outside the petulant room She turns to face the wall This … Continue reading Shiftless

This [Static]

I’m getting tired of excuses Wafer thin, paper delicate Platitudes masking apathy Disguised in finery Yet naked to the touch These bankrupt conversations Mere shadows of concrete Lies of convenience Dancing through these tears Like Astaire in the rain Like consequences unpaused Waiting for night to fall For this bed to catch my weight This … Continue reading This [Static]

l<3ve poems

“Love is mild, except when it isn’t. Except when it’s a raging inferno with the sole intention of destroying every ounce of sanity you have left. But yes, it’s mild. And that other stuff too.” ~Anonymous I made the mistake of telling someone that my next book of poetry is going to be full of … Continue reading l<3ve poems

in pieces

My heart breaks in pieces Asymmetrical like your love Which never encapsulated me So very incomplete An inadequate coupling Forced into static molds Quite complex, fragmented Like the state I’m in Tears streaking the glass As I watch you pull away These heartstrings pulled taut Straining to follow behind Tethered to these fragments Fraying at … Continue reading in pieces

Taking Shape

The house is taking shape Its roof and rafters Its angles and shade This feeling of home Imbued in its textures It climbs to the sky A modern miracle Crafted by artisans Who measure and saw And fit the design But the house takes time Its innards still bare Window cutouts vacant Soon to be … Continue reading Taking Shape


These words are not mine Even though they pass my lips Like sparkling lemon water Making me thirst for more The undulating rhythms Of living language thrive They constantly vibrate But I study them from afar These turns of phrase This quickening of terms Shaking me to my core They say such sweet things But … Continue reading Words