Ain’t Pickin’ Cotton

4 thoughts on “Ain’t Pickin’ Cotton”

  1. Agree and disagree. Yes, a societal shift has definitely begun, and everything isn’t exactly the same as it has always been – However, “race” is still very irrelevant. Indeed, some people simply love playing the “race-card”, but more often, “race” is the issue

    In most cases, those who say or believe it isn’t are usually in the “majority pool” and haven’t seen or experienced years or a lifetime of racial prejudice or mistreatment such as those in the “minority pool” who, for that reason, are able to recognize racial injustices much quicker than the majority pool – For the minority pool, race is always a factor, even in their own communities where they are a majority.

    Great post & good read!

    1. There is a thin line between being able to recognize racial injustice “much quicker” and seeing it where it doesn’t exist. That’s not to say there isn’t racial injustice, and a lot of it still around. That’s to say that these people don’t even look for any alternative. They jump to conclusions simply because they’ve been programmed to see race as ALWAYS the issue. I agree that we still have a really long way to go to complete the societal shift. In no way was I trying to say that it’s done and race is not an issue anymore. That would be missing the forest for the trees.

  2. I like this post and agree, Sam. I can really relate to what your wife says. I saw the race card appear very clearly while living in Asia. Or… not appear, per say. It’s just that suddenly I was very clearly the outsider. And that awareness changes things.

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