Hug Buddies

OLAHFROZEN2-710x1024I hugged six people today.

Three of those were reserved for my family (even though Maddie originally told me “No!” when I asked her if I could have a hug), which is something I do every single day. Can you believe that not every family hugs each other every single day? I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t get those hugs from them. I’m a physical person, so holding those I love close to me is huge.

The other three were special too, though, because those were my hug buddies. You know, people who are just as touchy feely as me, who understand sometimes without words that all I need is a hug. Or vice versa. Sometimes all it takes to turn a sour day sweet is for a friend to just reach out and give me a hug. No words necessary. And I know it also makes me feel good to give one of them that hug that turns their day around too.

Not everyone has hug buddies. In fact, not everyone needs that physical contact. For some people they get that feeling of closeness and understanding from a small note left on their windshield, or from a text message with a smiley face attached to it, or from an impromptu drop by. And while I appreciate all of those other things, a hug just says so much more to me, so my hug buddies help keep me sane.

Oh, and I have absolutely no idea how a snowman can give warm hugs, but I’m on board.



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  1. I am a tactile person too. I miss my husband’s daily hug. He died in 1989. I still miss those special moments,that I so took for granted when they were there for the taking. My children and I exchange verbal hugs by text and phone, but it isn’t the same. I suppose that’s why I almost hug them to death on the rare occasions we meet since career paths sent them on their separate ways.

    1. I love words (obviously) but there’s just something that words alone can’t accomplish. That’s why long term relationships often don’t work out, because we need that physical contact. We crave it as much as we crave food, and it nourishes us. It’s so good when we can get together in person and hug the ones we love.

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