the third kid

I read somewhere, a long time ago, that having three kids is the most trying number, because once that third one comes, suddenly now you’ve got more kids than you’ve got hands. You can no longer hold them all back, unless you’ve got really long arms (or a kid leash, and don’t get me started … Continue reading the third kid


Every day I return to this place, and I exhale as I round the final curve and drive down the hill. I crane my head to the left to catch my first glimpse of our house, lonely out there in the field, waiting for us to move in. But there is still time remaining to … Continue reading Home

Fathering the Nest

When I first found out I was going to be a father I had a ton of questions. Unlike motherhood, impending fatherhood doesn’t come with a training manual (or a dozen), so it’s easier to freak out for incoming fathers. I know I freaked out, but after the initial daze that came with getting the … Continue reading Fathering the Nest

In Love With Love

I’m in love with love. In fact, I’ve always been in love with love. When my parents told me they were getting a divorce I thought, “There’s the death of love.” I wanted to crawl into a hole because my whole belief system had been shattered as surely as if I had in fact died. … Continue reading In Love With Love