Who Isn’t Taking Nude Photos?

img_1083Seriously, though, why are there so many nude photos out there to be leaked? I mean, if you don’t take nude photos on your phone then there won’t be any to be leaked. But it seems like everyone is out there taking these photos of themselves because when the leaks happen the nudity comes busting out the seams (no pun intended). These nude photos have become tantamount to the sex tapes from 10 years ago, and how do we stop them from showing up? STOP TAKING THEM.

Yeah, yeah, there’s the excuse that everything you do on your own phone should be personal, but how often have we heard now about breaches, leaks, and the like? It seems like every week there’s another leak, so stop taking those steamy photos celebrities, and find a cleaner, some program that will burn the photos you used to have from the inside out. You know, unless you want those photos to be out there because I think we’ve seen now that there’s no stopping these hackers from getting access.

normal_photoshoots_justinstephens001Taylor Swift said something about how her accounts were hacked but there were no nude photos to be leaked because SHE DOESN’T HAVE ANY. Wow, what a novel idea, Miss Swift. I applaud you and your quest to keep some things to the imagination. But is she honestly the last of a dying breed, the people who understand that sexual nudity belongs in the bedroom between two people? Of course it also wouldn’t surprise me if somewhere down the line she does take some photos and they eventually show up because too often people think things die down and they let down their guard.

But nude photos? What’s the draw? Some people have told me that they take those photos for when they’re apart from their significant others, so they can stay physically close. Really? You need a naked photo of your girlfriend so you can stay “close” to her? Then something’s wrong. What happened to anticipation? What happened to the joy of connecting one on one instead of through a phone? We as a society tend to lay everything out there, to have nothing left to surprise, or to truly excite. We become dulled to nudity because it’s everywhere, and then we add to it by being stupid enough to have those photos on our phones, things that just aren’t as private as we’d hope they’d be.

Politicians are doing it. Celebrities are doing it. Regular folk are doing it. So who’s not taking nude photos? Uh, this guy. Personal is personal. Private is private. Of course no one is dying to see nude photos of me anyway, but even if they were, why would I put that out there for all time? Because that’s what we need to think about before we take those selfies. They can end up out there on the internet and there’s really no taking that back. Is that what we want our legacies to be? I sure as hell hope not.



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