Who Isn’t Taking Nude Photos?

Seriously, though, why are there so many nude photos out there to be leaked? I mean, if you don’t take nude photos on your phone then there won’t be any to be leaked. But it seems like everyone is out there taking these photos of themselves because when the leaks happen the nudity comes busting … Continue reading Who Isn’t Taking Nude Photos?

The Nick Nolte Syndrome

“Strange, don’t you think I’m looking older? Something good has happened to me. Change is a stranger you have yet to know.” ~George Michael You know those actors who never seem to age, the ones like Courteney Cox, who is virtually indistinguishable from her initial Friends foray over 20 years ago, or Will Smith, who … Continue reading The Nick Nolte Syndrome

Razing Idols

“We raise up idols specifically so that we can tear them down when they inevitably fail us.” ~Theodicus When I was young it was all about the father figures. You know, those guys on TV who were sometimes silly, sometimes firm, but always dispensed knowledge. There was Jason Seaver, who somehow handled being a psychiatrist … Continue reading Razing Idols

The MC Hammer Syndrome

You all know the story. A famous athlete/singer/actor/musician (in a word: CELEBRITY) retired/quit/took a hiatus (in three words: GOT WASHED UP), and you don’t hear from him for a while, but when you do, it’s because he’s gone bankrupt. Your first thought is, “What happened? Didn’t he make a bazillion dollars? Is this some kind … Continue reading The MC Hammer Syndrome