Wanting to Die

4 thoughts on “Wanting to Die”

  1. Interesting. A soon-to-be close friend ended his life a few days before Thanksgiving. We had dinner the night he decided he couldn’t live any more.

    It is tough to try to understand the mind of those willing to give it all up for a moment of calm.

    I still don’t understand. I do. But, really, I don’t.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. We are. We are the ones that have to replay the last conversations. All the conversations. We are the ones left in wonderment and sadness and pain.

    We are the ones that, in the end, can.

    I have contemplated the idea of checking out before it was time. I think, as a human, we have that flash across our mental dashboards. Most, don’t pay too much attention to it. We put our shoulder into it and finish it out because, generally, these things pass. Occassionally we need to reach out and ask for help.

    How do you compete with the want and the need to find calm? How do you find the words that will make just enough sense? As you said, sometimes it is just saying “hello” or “hi”. It is a big deal.

    I try and greet people. No matter if we are in line at the local grocery store or as we walk past each other. A little acknowledgement can make the difference. Today. We only get one chance to stop someone.

    One of the reasons that my blog’s by-line is “Smile, it matters” is precisely to your point.

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