Opening Up

7 thoughts on “Opening Up”

  1. Catharsis is a process. Life is a process. Writing is a process. Being vulnerable exposes that process for what it is. A process.
    We are in the process of processing. Processing. Processing.
    I look forward to your process. Our process.

    1. I like to think that my process will lead to progress, had led to progress in my writing and in my life. I look forward to this new type of process.

      1. There is a poetry to living. The breathing. The expression? The written word. The words last and linger like lillies on a little girls painted walls. Long after those lillies have been painted over or burned off, they will linger. In photos or memories.
        Express. Process. Progress. EPP. Do it.

    1. Sometimes I think it’s okay to upset that balance in order to see something about ourselves we may not have noticed before. Too many people are too tight all of the time.

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