Post Silence

I didn’t blog yesterday. It was the first day I hadn’t blogged since November 31, 2012. And it was a strange feeling to wake up this morning knowing that today would be a new beginning. I hadn’t even planned on finally skipping a day after over 780 in a row, but yesterday just kind of … Continue reading Post Silence

Opening Up

I envy people who just sit down and write whatever comes to mind at that moment. You see, I’m not one of them. I really haven’t ever been, even in the wonderful confines of my own journals throughout the years. Indeed, even this post is the result of a great deal of introspection and editing. … Continue reading Opening Up

My Reader

Would you be surprised if I told you that I don’t read very many blogs on a regular basis? Or that usually when I read other blogs it is in downtime, not a specified blog reading time? I don’t know how it is for other writers but I find that writing my blogs takes a … Continue reading My Reader

Year One is Paper

“We practice the most concealment from ourselves when we avoid sharing with others.” – Theodicus Exactly one year ago today I started Sam’s Online Journal with the singular purpose of continuing my daily writing, and it has grown into so much more. It’s easy to think about it now and think how idealistic I was … Continue reading Year One is Paper

The Six Hundredth

Six hundred is a lot. Don’t think I don’t know and appreciate that, because I do. And I guess while in the process of writing 600 blog entries I didn’t really focus on the numbers. But I think when you get to 600 it’s probably about time to focus on the numbers. In fact, I honestly think I might go through a top 10 of the walk down memory lane,  for this, my 600th blog entry. First, though, I want to thank every single one of my followers, because this wouldn’t be nearly as fulfilling for me without you. Every single time someone writes to me telling me how they identify with what I’ve said is just bonus for me. I still can’t believe I started this blog less than a year ago and I’ve done so much with it, but the interactions are where it’s at. So, again, thank you. Now, on with the show…

From “The Dividing Line,”:

As I sit here with my children, I am trying to think about what life without them was like, and I truly can’t remember it. It’s like a dividing line between one entire existence and another, like I time traveled and skipped over that diving line to safely arrive right here and now, and with kids. I can vaguely remember a club, once, a long time ago, where I would dance all night, by myself. Or a karaoke joint, with “Love Shack”. And a puzzle club (yeah, I said a puzzle club) where I would imagine I was king (but I really wasn’t). And there was this guy. I’ll call him “Before Me”. He was one cool guy. Continue reading “The Six Hundredth”

Halfway to a Thousand

I remember when I got my first car, and no, it wasn’t at 16 when half the people I know got theirs. It wasn’t even when I turned 18, or 21, which coincidentally was when I got a car, but it was never truly mine. No, the car I’m referring to was an “old person” … Continue reading Halfway to a Thousand