The Extrovert / Introvert Dichotomy

2 thoughts on “The Extrovert / Introvert Dichotomy”

  1. I don’t believe in the intro/extrovert paradigm at all. The people I know who claim to be introverts just suffer from some social disorder and internalized low self esteem. Then they claim other people are begging for attention and being energy vampires–which is highly unscientific. I like to go out and be goofy and make people laugh and also I like to enjoy time alone to read or watch a personal favorite tv series. Same with everyone else I’ve ever met. The only difference I can legitimately see in others, is that some choose to label themselves in a way to seem unique or different, while others are just happy the way they are.

    1. I like this idea a lot, Calvin, that some people choose to label themselves, but I also think that many people get labeled by others and accept those labels instead of denying them or standing for who they truly are.

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