Love Is…

Love is radiant
        Shining in the dark
        Beating heart to heart
              Friction's spark

Love is complete
        Even in the midst of pain
        All through the pouring rain
                    Never, ever tame

Love is transcendent
        Forever binding
        Never minding
              Free from hiding

Love is constant
        Even when submerged
        It sings a plaintive dirge
               And waits to again surge

Love is complex
        A tricky rendezvous
        A surrendering so true
                It's the essence of you
                                              Love is grateful
                    As kind as it can be
                    It gets down on one knee
                    And always comes for free

                   Love is ambitious
                     It always gets its way
                   When you don't know what to say
                   It's the molder, you're the clay

                   Love is endless
                     It meanders and turns
                     It teaches and learns
                                                    Gets so hot it burns

                                              Love is true
                                              A light in the dark
                                              Creating a real spark
                                              Leaving a mark
                                              Love is creative
                                              Even when deprived
                                              It makes you feel alive
                                         The impetus for which we strive
Love is confusing
        When you don't know where to start
        It's a clenching of the heart
        You must always play your part

Because love is a rare snowflake
Drifting toward your tongue
The instant before it touches down
Close your eyes
And taste it.


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