Handling the Boredom: Tantrum City

15 thoughts on “Handling the Boredom: Tantrum City”

  1. Good for you. I hate the “b” word, too. And screens take over far too much time in kids’ (and everyone’s) lives today. I’m sure your kids will appreciate your efforts someday. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you mentioned that it happens to everyone. We all get stuck in patterns, either watching TV, or on our iPads, or on our cell phones that are now all interactive. Apps are the devil! LOL.

  2. I’m currently reading a book about this, actually, but it’s in Dutch. I hope it’ll be translated into English some day, this is exactly what that is about. It’s called “Borderline Times”, and written by a psychiatrist who has seen his patients change as society did. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the disorder, but basically the symptoms are these; needing immediate satisfaction of perceived needs, having trouble controlling their impulses, needing continuous stimulation in order to not fall into a black hole, etc. The author pretty much breaks down our society as being herself, completely afflicted by borderline personality disorder. Commercials tell us we need to buy things, consume more, flashing lights try to get our attention but it’s not enough, it’s never enough. What ever happened to playing with a bunch of wooden square blocks!? You are absolutely right to resist her need for passive entertainment, it’ll teach her to be creative. Learning how to keep yourself busy is a very healthy way to learn to appreciate your own company, and she will probably thank you one day. Fight the system! 😀

    1. Fight the system, indeed, but the system is a strong one. Everywhere you go there are advertisements for the newest, biggest, best thing, that is only three easy installments of $19.95. If you act now, we will throw in an extra one, because couldn’t everyone use an extra one? And these kids eat it up. It’s ludicrous is what it is. I think all it does it create kids who turn into adults who cannot think for themselves, who cannot be creative, and who cannot adjust when things don’t go the way they expect them to. I would love to read this book you mention. Perhaps you could translate the whole thing for me, Clem. 😉

      1. God, the sick thing is I HAVE CONSIDERED THAT. My fiance would love it, I know, and it’s just SO amazingly insightful that I want the English hemisphere to enjoy it too. If I ever get to that crazy point, I will let you know.
        And yeah, it is strong. I’m guessing she’s also at the age where peers start to gain influence on her thinking, rather than her parents. And her peers probably don’t have devoted or consequent parents, they may have given up the battle. So yeah, their kids have flashy accessories and they are on Facebook all day. But yours will have an edge when they grow up! 😉

  3. We said 2 hours outside for every hour in front of a screen.

    How about knitting? It teaches patience, creativity, perseverance, productivity,…

    1. Good ideas! You know, I was thinking about taking up crochet again, so that might be a good avenue to have a “special thing” with the girls and daddy.

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