Nineteen Blackbirds

Atop a razor thin wire thirty feet above my head, nineteen blackbirds are perched, resolutely, zombie-like, side by side by side, as if waiting for the bus. Their balance is perfect, so self-assured that most appear to be asleep standing up, the skimpy thread bowing under their combined weight but under no threat of ripping. … Continue reading Nineteen Blackbirds

After You

And I wish you well With your ambivalence Not my cup of tea This tepid disconnect Shrouded in gaiety Dipped in poison ink Frequently hollow But you left a stain On my semi-conscious soul Devoid of constraints Vulnerable as sin Now black like sludge This transformation Of before and after you The pictures tell a … Continue reading After You


It is never the same This constant sorrow Seeping in unchecked Like so much moisture Pressed deep inside Overcome by your ghost These silent steps This fleeting shadow Discarded in morning glow This gaping hole With the shape of you Crinkled at the corners Like we used to be But I see you everywhere This … Continue reading Smoke

Slate Gray

This subconscious pull Dragging me toward you Like the incoming tide And the pitch white sand While we hop clear Only to stumble again Tangled on the shore As the churning foam recedes Replaced by numbness An absence of sound Wrapped up in irony Thick and viscous Replacing a love We thought was endless This … Continue reading Slate Gray