The First Cut…

“The first cut is the deepest. Baby, I know.” – Cat Stevens

You know, I first heard the Rod Stewart version of this song umpteen years ago, and I wondered what he was talking about. I had some idea that the word “cut” was metaphorical, but that was about where it ended. Then, some years later, I had my heart broken by the one girl I thought would never break my heart, and I understood in a split second what Rod had been singing about those years before. It reminds me of the old adage that some things you just have to go through to be able to understand them. People can tell you until they’re blue in the face about heartbreak, but you won’t ever truly “get” it until you’ve had your heart ripped in two. Continue reading “The First Cut…”

I Don’t Exist

He pretends I don’t exist, with this carefree air about him that disguises the turmoil I hope he feels. Whether it is turmoil over missing out, or if the turmoil is that I’m still here, I don’t think I’ll ever know, but I do know it has to be there. Otherwise, what has it all really been about for him all this time?

And we’ve never met, although we’ve been in the same building, the same room, even the same small airspace many different times. My wife and children are even genetically linked to this man, not that you would know it from the moments we’ve been close enough to have conversations that never existed.

Continue reading “I Don’t Exist”

Alone and Lonely

It’s a misnomer, that being alone means being lonely That having people around means you’re never alone Because when you drive off a cliff you affect others One by one, they topple like dominos It’s a bold-faced lie that they tell you in kindergarten You know, the one about always being nice That good comes … Continue reading Alone and Lonely

The Kurt Cobain Syndrome

Unlike the other syndromes, this one isn’t just interesting. It’s downright and shockingly sad. I just heard the news that former country star Mindy McCready finally succeeded in committing suicide, after many failed attempts and a stint or two at a psychiatric facility. Mental health is so much more than just something you can study … Continue reading The Kurt Cobain Syndrome