I Am Sam. Sam I Am.

5 thoughts on “I Am Sam. Sam I Am.”

  1. Hmm, yeah 12 is a little old to still be getting Dr. Suess books as birthday presents. But did you *want* the bike and train set at 12? Were you home-schooled? Why no friends?

    1. Yes, 12 is definitely a little old to still be getting Dr. Seuss books as birthday presents, even when they’re obviously “gag gifts.” What did you get at 12? I did want the train set, but only because I never got one when I was 8 and wanted it in the first place. The bike wasn’t my first choice, even at 13, but I made do with it.

      I wasn’t home schooled, but most times it felt like I was just isolated from others. I went to an Adventist elementary school, but it was full of cliques and I didn’t quite fit in with any of them. Besides, I was the resident nerd, and that didn’t help me making any friends.

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