Wi-Fi in the Wilderness

3 thoughts on “Wi-Fi in the Wilderness”

  1. I have to say I am an exception. I checked my facebook once this week – but read and/or posted blogs every day. I don’t have a single TV channel and don’t “get” most of the memes when people send them my way. I crocheted a monkey lovey (making up the pattern as I went), finished knitting a hat, and sewed 5 burp clothes this week. I’ve made progress reading a book, made progress knitting a poncho, started crocheting a different poncho, rode my bike, hiked, lit off fireworks, cooked meals, and taken hundreds of photographs of things in nature… And talked endlessly with family members. I tend not to understand other people’s connection to their social media and therefore people don’t relate to me.
    PS- how about all those Twitter people who don’t know the Declaration of Independence?

    1. I honestly get caught up in life sometimes that I go without. For a while I was so stuck on keeping up my blog every single day that I often let life pass me by. As for the Declaration debacle, I know it backwards and forwards, being the Philadelphia born and bred son that I am.

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