Wi-Fi in the Wilderness

An acquaintance of mine remarked the other day: “That’s stupid to worry about Wi-fi signals in the middle of the wilderness. You’re out in nature, man. Enjoy it.” To which I say: “Nature can be an absolute behemoth, a beast that can destroy you in seconds, or take an eternity to draw it out. The … Continue reading Wi-Fi in the Wilderness

Patient X

“Common knowledge proclaims the death of dreams, but we are still sleeping, waiting to awaken.” ~Theodicus I have never been a fan of sharing my feelings with others, which is funny if you consider how long I’ve been blogging and doing precisely that. But this medium lends itself nicely to letting it out without fear, … Continue reading Patient X

Handy Man

Handy man, I am not. Today I found out just how unhandy (word?) I can be when it comes to trying to fix the proverbial “stuff.” I never learn, I guess. It all started when I was copying last weekend’s Eagles’ game to DVD and the recorder just died on me. One minute it was … Continue reading Handy Man

The Information

Is all this information an overload? Remember when all we had being input into us was from the boob tube, when the biggest disciplinary action by our parents was taking away our TV time? Now if you told your kids they can’t have TV time they might just laugh at you. There are so many … Continue reading The Information