Kid A

5 thoughts on “Kid A”

  1. I talk about this all the time when discussing educational practices, grading policies, etc. Teens and kids raised in front of screens have always had instant gratification. They expect it and thus problem solving is a HUGE MOUNTAIN between them and education. If they have to utilize their brain to figure out or it takes more than one step to work through, they don’t want to do it. It’s much more exciting to read all the drama on Facebook.

    1. More than one step might as well be a chasm. They’ll fall into its gaping maw and never be heard from again. Did you hear about the two girls who got trapped at the bottom of a well? One girl had her phone, but instead of calling 911 she posted on her Facebook wall: “I’m trapped at the bottom of a well. Send help.”

      1. Plus the thought of selling your soul… It’s just a fantastically intense idea. Didn’t the concept of calling 911 used to be a kindergarten basic skill like tying your shoes, writing the alphabet, and taking turns?

  2. I am mesmerised and horrified by the number of people with young children who walk through a supermarket, along the street, even on a bus – oblivious of their children while they concentrate on their mobiles; often talking to the invisible correspondent at the tops of their voices or texting frantically with both thumbs.

    This is a modern madness that seems to afflict so many who now have these brilliant devices. Whether they walk, drive or travel by air everyone is chattering, texting or taking ‘selfies’ and wanting to let the world know where they are and what they’re doing.

    1. I see these parents and I want to scream at them. I want to make them see that their kids only want their attention, that the world may be a lot smaller now but that we should pay more attention to our own individual worlds. But I know it will make no difference so I stay silent.

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